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Welcome to BorderLaw™ - the home of Berezowski Business Immigration Law. We are North American immigration experts and our goal is to provide you with the immigration information and advice that you need to better manage border laws.

At BorderLaw™ we filter a number of legal sources including legislation, regulations and government policy manuals, we also add to this our own extensive ‘hands –on’ immigration experience and expertise. We condense information into useable formats in order to provide relevant immigration information.

We are pleased to present various information sources – books, articles and papers (legal and academic) on Canadian and US immigration and related matters. To print a PDF of an information source simply click on the red text. You can also download our newsletter, called Berezowski’s BorderLaw™; our Canadian BorderLaw™ information ebulletins, our US BorderLaw™ information bulletins, or our US Non Immigrant Status at a Glance Chart. The BorderLaw™ site also contains an extensive listing of Canadian, US and Global immigration relating links – including finance and business information, Canadian provincial health insurance plans, employment search sites and tax information.

Please remember that while we make every effort to keep the information on the BorderLaw™ site current, it is not formal legal advice and does not give rise to a Solicitor-client or Attorney-Client relationship. The information available on the BorderLaw™ site is intended for general information only. Immigration cases should always be assessed independently and we recommend that you seek legal advice from an appropriately licensed lawyer before taking action.