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Birds, Immigration, Border Law, Spousal Sponsorship


BorderLaw® helps small and mid-sized businesses, law firms, staffing agencies, the self-employed, professionals and their families to navigate immigration matters.

Whether it is a business expansion or family reunification, our relationships with our clients are based on communication and respect, and are the foundation of our mutual success.


We advise on strategies designed to minimize the impact of immigration on business. We assist businesses planning to expand to Canada or the United States. Our small business expertise includes Work Permits for Consultants with cross-border clients, start–up and small company “intra-company” transfers, as well as investor options. Our office also advises on a wide range of compliance issues from preemptive record keeping practices to Employer Compliance Reviews, Inspections and Audits.



If you need help securing predictable cross-border business travel, assignments, re-locations and permanent moves as part of your job we can help. We have a history of working closely with HR Managers and In-House Counsel to develop cross-border recruitment, relocation and retention plans. We can help you manage immigration and stay on top of employer compliance obligations even if immigration is only part of your job.



We represent Canadian, US and international law firms with a host of immigration matters – but do not compete with them. We also provide assistance to relocation and recruitment companies grappling with cross-border service assignments and business relationships that do not fit immigration norms. We are in regular contact with consular and border officials and we offer expert guidance on Consulate and Pre-flight Inspection matters. As a boutique law office, we respect referrals – your clients have the full benefit of our specialty expertise – but they remain your clients.


We assess you for ‘Express Entry’- Canada’s pre-selection system, prepare your Express Entry Profile and determine your best approach to Canadian Permanent Residence. We consider job offers and Provincial Nominee Program options and assist self-employed applicants with Canadian Permanent Residence. We help people overcome entry refusals, resolve issues of medical and criminal inadmissibility and have developed an expertise in assisting people inadmissible to Canada due to Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”). We can also help you become a Canadian Citizen.



We assist with family based applications including parental, dependent child and spousal sponsorships. We can obtain Work Permits for spouses and super visas for parents. We have a track record of providing expertise to less traditional families: common-law partners and conjugal partners in opposite and same sex relationships. And, being Canadian and US qualified, we have developed a niche helping Canadian/US families.

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