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Canadian and US Immigration with Border Law

 In affiliation with Ember Law, we are a boutique immigration law office located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We offer expertise in North American Immigration Law, including Canada/US cross-border travel.



Our clients include start-ups, IT Companies, manufacturers, educational institutions,

consulting companies, actors and a host of professionals and their families. 

Some of Our Services Include

Immigrating to Canada
Visiting OR Studying in Canada

Working in Canada

Becoming Canadian

Working in the US

Visiting OR Studying in the US

Overall, we take immigration seriously – your goal is our goal.

Whether it be Visitor Visas, Work Permits, Temporary Residence or Citizenship,

if you're looking for transparent, efficient, knowledgeable legal advice, Border Law is your go to immigration advocate.


So, if you're ready to turn your Immigration Dreams into a Reality, Contact Border Law Today!


Recognized for
Immigration Excellence

As seen in Finance Monthly, the New York Times National, CBRB Best Businesses in Canada, Lexology, Corporate INT, and The Lawyer Network, since opening, Border Law has become a household name when referring to North American immigration advice and advocacy.

Considered one of the top 10 Immigration firms in Toronto, and one of the best Corporate Immigration Law firms of Canada overall, Border Law is here to make your immigration experience easy, efficient and understandable.


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