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New Pathway to Permanent Residency Canada: A Beacon of Hope

Multicultural community building scene with Colombians planting trees, Venezuelans constructing a building, and Haitians painting a mural, under Canadian flags, symbolizing a new pathway to permanent residency in Canada.


In the face of growing migration crises globally, Canada has stepped forward with a promising solution. The nation has thrown open the doors of its new pathway to Permanent Residency, welcoming Colombian, Haitian, and Venezuelan foreign nationals who are seeking to become permanent residents in Canada. This pathway is a testament to Canada's commitment to humanitarian aid and its tradition of welcoming immigrants with open arms.

The New Permanent Resident Pathway

Immigration Minister Marc Miller first unveiled this dedicated humanitarian pathway on October 10, 2023. He affirmed that this new pathway to Permanent Residency aims to welcome up to 11,000 individuals who have familial ties in Canada and meet specific requirements.

"The pathway to support migrants from the Americas is now open for applications. We're determined to uphold our humanitarian tradition and support those in need, particularly in light of the current global migration crisis." Marc Miller

Eligibility Criteria

The new pathway to Permanent Residency is open to Colombian, Haitian, or Venezuelan nationals currently living in South or Central America, Mexico, or the Caribbean. However, they must have a family member, including a spouse, common-law partner, child (of any age), grandchild, parent, grandparent, or sibling, who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada. These Canadian family members must pledge their support and act as a sponsor for one year.

Support for Qualified Applicants

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) promises to extend its support to the eligible applicants in several ways:

  1. Fee Waivers: The Right to Permanent Residency Fee, all application charges, and biometric fees will be waived off.

  2. Medical Care: Pre-departure medical aid will be provided to ensure your health and safe travel to Canada.

  3. Financial Assistance: On your arrival in Canada, you will receive financial aid equivalent to three months to aid your settlement process.

  4. Settlement Services: Free settlement services will be provided both before and after your arrival to help you integrate into Canadian society and the labour force.

In addition, Canada plans to welcome an additional 4,000 individuals through existing temporary worker programs, like the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

Why this Pathway?

Illegal migration across Central America has surged, leading to an increase in migrant smuggling, physical insecurity, and exploitation of people passing through the region. This new pathway to becoming a Permanent Resident is part of Canada's commitment to accept 15,000 Western Hemisphere migrants on a humanitarian basis, a pledge made during President Joe Biden's visit to Canada in March 2023.

"Canada will accept an additional 15,000 migrants from the Western Hemisphere on a humanitarian basis over the course of the year" Immigration News Canada

The new humanitarian channel offers an alternative to irregular migration for individuals displaced by political, social, and economic insecurity. The IRCC will continuously assess the pathway's progress and make necessary adjustments to achieve these objectives.

Applying for the New Permanent Resident Pathway

To apply for this new pathway, you must do so online through the IRCC portal. Your Canadian sponsor must sign a statutory declaration expressing their willingness to support you in Canada.

Canada's Future Immigration Goals

Canada has set an ambitious target of accepting 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, and 500,000 each in 2025 and 2026. These numbers will be achieved through various immigration programs for skilled workers, family sponsorship, and humanitarian basis.


Canada's new pathway to becoming a Permanent Resident is a significant step forward in addressing the global migration crisis. By offering a safe and legal route to permanent residency, it provides a beacon of hope for thousands of Colombians, Haitians, and Venezuelans. This initiative underscores Canada's commitment to humanitarian aid, demonstrating its readiness to welcome immigrants and help them integrate into Canadian society.

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This update has been compiled with the latest available information for the general information of Border Law clients and other interested parties. This Update is not comprehensive and should not be relied upon without appropriate legal advice.


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