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IRCC Enhances the Super Visa Program for Parents and Grandparents

As Canada continues to remain a major location for migration, the need for family visits continues to grow, and, as the rest of the world continues to open up their borders for travel, this demand is higher then ever.

Subsequently, in response to this growing demand, The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced today that IRCC continues to take measures to enhance the Government of Canada's commitment to reuniting families, while continuing to attract and integrate foreign nationals into Canadian society.

On this point, The Honourable Sean Fraser's announced that one key development anticipated to launch this coming July includes expansions to the current Super Visa program.

Specifically, as per the The Honourable Sean Fraser, the changes set to come into force as of July 4, 2022, are as follows:

  • The length of stay per entry under a Super Visa will be increased to 5 years per entry, allowing in Canada Applicants to apply for extensions of up to 2 years at a time, and

  • Allow IRCC to designate International Insurance companies to provide Super Visa Applicants coverage in the future, where only Canadian Insurance Providers are accepted for Super Visa Applicants at this time.

So, what do these expansions mean?

Well, unlike the traditional Visitor Visa which allows visits into Canada for up to 2 years at a time, the Super Visa will now permit eligible applicants to stay in Canada for up to 5 years at a time upon first entrance.

Thus, this enhancement will significantly benefit current Applicants, who, under the current provisions, are only permitted entries for up to six months at a time upon first entrance, thereby, allowing them to reunite with family and enjoy Canada for longer periods of time.

So, do you or your family members qualify for this program? Review the below eligibility to find out.

To be eligible for a super visa, Applicants must:

  1. Be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada,

  2. Have a signed letter from your child or grandchild inviting you to Canada,

  3. Have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company, and

  4. Complete your application from outside Canada.

Unfortunately, at this time, dependents are still not eligible to be included within this application.

In closing, IRCC are determined to make immigration more accessible for applicants looking to enter Canada and reunite with family. By adding new streams and enhancing those that are already in place, IRCC has demonstrated that these commitments remain of their highest priority.

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This update has been compiled with the latest available information for the general information of Border Law clients and other interested parties. This Update is not comprehensive and should not be relied upon without appropriate legal advice.


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